James M LaRocque (JML) is a multi instrumentalist, singer, performer and writer. JML has recorded with producer James Sanger at Vibey Studios in France.


JML’s music has been played on the WOAFM99 Radio Show hosted by Oliver Sean. Season 22 (Episode 2) “Bone to Pick” and Season 21 (Episode 4) “Greed” and SEASON 25 (EPISODE 2) “This is the Life” and SEASON 25 (EPISODE 7) “Breath and Fingers” and “tell me something New” SEASON 26 PREMIER and “my new car” Season 26 episode 4


JML’s song “Greed” is included on compilation CD CHILLOUT ZONE VOL 11.


“Don’t Drink theWater” is featured on COMPILATION CD Independent No.1’s Vol.13


“A Sense of Chrsitmas” is featured on COMPILATION CD WOAFM99 RADIO SHOW – CHRISTMAS SHOW (PART 3)


JML’s album “Rocque” is now streaming at MNspin.


JML made Hot New Artist List at Radiosparx



All music appearing in this website is written and performed by JML unless noted otherwise. James M LaRocque is currently residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.